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Amiri decree names new Cabinet

An Amiri decree was issued on Sunday announcing the formation of the new Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah, which retained most of the ministers in the previous Cabinet. The economic team of the oil, finance and public works were retained while the ministers of electricity and water, commerce and industry, justice and social affairs were changed, bringing in new and old faces.

Sheikh Fahad Al-Yousef Al-Sabah was retained as deputy prime minister and minister of defense and interior. Mahmoud Bushehri, a former electricity and water minister, was appointed in the same position after an absence of several years. Amthal Al-Huwailah, a new face, was appointed minister of social affairs. Mohammad Al-Wasmi, also a newcomer, was appointed minister of justice and Islamic affairs.

Omar Al-Omar, also a new entrant, was given the post of commerce and industry and minister of state for communications. Emad Al-Atiqi kept the ministry of oil while Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi was retained as information minister. Anwar Al-Mudhaf also kept the finance ministry.

New Cabinet line-up

• Prime Minister: Sheikh Ahmad Al-Abdullah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah

• First Deputy PM, Minister of Defense, Interior: Sheikh Fahad Al-Yousef Al-Sabah

• Deputy PM, Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs: Sharida Al-Maousherji

• Deputy PM, Minister of Oil: Dr Emad Al-Atiqi

• Minister of Information: Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi

• Minister of Health: Dr Ahmad Al-Awadhi

• Minister of Finance, Investment:

Dr Anwar Al-Mudhaf

• Minister of Education: Dr Adel Al-Adwani

• Minister of Foreign Affairs: Abdullah Al-Yahya

• Minister of Public Works, Municipality: Dr Noura Al-Meshaan

• Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs: Dr Mohammad Al-Wasmi

• Minister of Commerce, Communication: Omar Al-Omar

• Minister of Electricity and Water, Housing: Dr Mahmoud Bushehri

• Minister of Social Affairs, Youth: Dr Amthal Al-Huwaila







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