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Al-Jariwi Furniture and Decoration Industry

“Al-Jariwi” Company was established in 1966, and since this date the company has been leading the sponge manufacturing sector in the Arabian Gulf region.
“Al-Jariwi” has always boasted that it is a national Kuwaiti company that is always ambitious to give its customers a unique experience, as its products cover various vital sectors and provide creative solutions for modern homes. It also provides the local furniture market with an innovative collection of diwaniya furniture, doors, wooden decorations and household utensils.
During the past four decades, “Al-Jariwi” Company has provided successive experiences of success. It began by launching the first sponge production factory in Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf region, and it continued to develop its business and expand towards the production of furniture, furnishings, wooden doors and household utensils. In appreciation of the high efficiency and innovative designs, “Al-Jariwi” obtained many It has local and international quality certificates, including: ISO 9001/2000 certificate, Kuwaiti quality certificate, and European quality certificate. It has also won many awards of appreciation.

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