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Union Engineering for Light, Heavy Machinery & Equipment Company, considered one of Kuwait’s specialized companies in selling and installing for some kind of workshop machines cutting and welding equipments, accessories, spare parts and consumables which mostly are always in stock.

We have the opportunity in representing Hypertherm-USA the biggest power source of plasma cutting system in the world.

We have an old history of supplying some equipment in the field of steel structure fabrication machines.

We also supply factories with the needed machines, materials tools and consumables that help in all iron works.

All types of Press Brakes, CNC, and Conventional with kind of capacities.

All type of Shears Hydraulic & Mechanical, with kind of capacities.

lron worker for several section kinds with possibility of punching & notching.

We have suitable kind of welding and cutting M/C Mig/Mag, Tig & plasma for the biggest brands as Lincolin, Miller, Esab etc, by used of our welding TBi Torches and consumables- German

Also Union ready to supply Stud & Nut welding machines as Drawn arc or capacitors discharge many kind of Nails & Studs by using Soyer stud welding – German.

Welding section ARC, Mig, Tig & Rectifiers by using Magatronic – Denmark.

Resistance welding using portable Guns spot-seem-projection by using DALEX — German.

Drilling M/C with Holo cutter for Magnetic Drill M/C size from Arc 12MM-100MM by using Magtron — UK for cutter Unibor – UK.

Bandsaw blades machines with all size of blades by using EURO best brands.


Types of Presses Hydraulic or mechanicals with all capacities, pipe making M/C, profiles making M/C Forming, bending, twin-pipe plate. Rolling M/C, section Rolling, Punching M/C, Marking M/C, Notching M/C,EURO best brands.

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