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Hajj mission successful due to collaborative effort: Official

Cooperation between the hajj mission and Kuwaiti hajj campaigns to provide pilgrims with all their needs has contributed to the success of Kuwait’s hajj plans this year, said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and head of the Kuwaiti hajj mission Dr Bader Al-Mutairi.

Mutairi pointed in a statement to the continuous and diligent follow-up of the Kuwaiti government on the mission’s workers. He also praised the great efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in serving the pilgrims and its continuous development of the hajj system serve the pilgrims.

Mutairi expressed his thanks to all the employees of the Kuwaiti hajj mission for their dedication to serving the pilgrims of the State of Kuwait and the Kuwaiti hajj campaigns who devoted all their efforts to facilitate their affairs.

Consul General of the State of Kuwait in Jeddah and its permanent representative to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Mohammed Al-Mutairi commended the Kuwaiti pilgrims for abiding by the controls and instructions of the mission, in addition to their adherence to the plans for the movement of pilgrims between the holy sites and their performance of rituals.

Consul Al-Mutairi said he saw during his tours the Kuwaiti hajj campaigns’ commitment to excellence in providing the best care for pilgrims. He expressed his sincere thanks, praise and gratitude to Kuwait’s leadership in the country for their constant support and guidance to the Kuwaiti Hajj Mission in serving the pilgrims of the State of Kuwait. He also expressed his thanks to the Saudi leadership and the Saudi government for their great

The Kuwaiti Council of Ministers also praised during its weekly meeting the great efforts of the Kuwaiti hajj mission and those in charge of it, including officials, volunteers and medical cadres who exerted all efforts for Kuwaiti pilgrims to enable them to perform hajj with ease.