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Kuwait Airways adjusts ticket prices to suit travelers

The results of the travel ticket price processing committee formed by the Board of Directors of Kuwait Airways Company recently began to reap the fruits of its work, which appeared clearly on the ground through the positive results it achieved that led to reaching the desired goals in treating the previously applicable prices. The decision of the Board of Directors of Kuwait Airways to form this committee came in implementation of the directives of the political leadership to harness all capabilities to serve our valued citizens and customers and give them broader options and opportunities to suit their aspirations.

In this regard, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Captain Abdul Mohsen Salem Al-Faqaan, said that the signs of the committee’s work began to be reflected on the ground by the company’s executive management, as the travel ticket price processing committee accomplished what was required of it in a short period of time, which included many research procedures and examination of defects in Pricing processes and developing solutions that are in line with the company’s available capabilities.

Through it, it achieved positive results in line with market data, whether regionally or globally, indicating that the committee worked on developing several recommendations, the most important of which is changing the pricing policy and providing competitive prices in addition to providing different offers over several periods and ensuring that prices are available to the public, and finally changing the policy. Travel agent ticket prices, through gradual stages in the re-pricing process to ensure the correct and balanced workflow.


Al-Faqaan stated that Kuwait Airways, through the committee, has been constantly restructuring the pricing and revenue management sector of the Networks and Lines Department and developing a dynamic, variable and advanced pricing policy by selecting national competencies and cadres with experience in the national carrier and providing them with opportunities to develop a strategic plan in line with Market requirements. He added, “Kuwait Airways has recently focused on developing reservations, pricing, and network planning systems in line with the latest systems in the world of aviation and the commercial air transport sector.”

Al-Faqaan added, saying: “Kuwait Airways is keen to offer tickets in a way that suits the competitive market and according to the market share, with its full commitment to aviation regulations and procedures, especially in light of the tangible support that Kuwait Airways is witnessing from the General Administration of Civil Aviation, which has had a positive impact on Cooperation at various levels.”

Al-Faqaan pointed out that the prices of travel tickets in general vary from one season to another and based on the concepts of supply and demand, indicating that the company was keen to achieve balance in the sales process by reaching profitability and ensuring the continued preservation and satisfaction of valued customers, especially since Kuwait Airways is considered a category of companies.

The airline is characterized by its luxury character due to the distinguished and exceptional services it provides to valued customers, in addition to its seat space, as well as its being the national carrier of the State of Kuwait, which makes the responsibility greater in providing the best services and keeping up with developments in the world of aviation. Including providing the best prices, whether by offering discounted prices or presenting offers on an ongoing basis through Kuwait Airways Holidays office, which offers distinct travel packages with the aim of ensuring access to the various segments of travelers on board Kuwait Airways.

It is worth noting that Kuwait Airways recently launched its new prices in addition to offers for travelers through its participation in one of the exhibitions specialized in tourism and travel, where the company achieved remarkable success through the arrival of a large number of exhibition visitors and benefiting from the offers presented by the Kuwait Airways Holidays Office, especially the launch of its latest campaign by offering… Price offers on various distinguished summer destinations.









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