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Kuwait Public Works Minister urges punctuality in projects’ execution

Minister of Public Works and Minister of Municipality Dr. Noura Al-Mashaan has examined with leaders of her department key projects and works that must be accomplished during the fiscal year 2024-2025 Speaking to KUNA, the minister who chaired a session with officials of the ministry’s various divisions said action plans for each sector were reviewed in addition to the main tasks that must executed and finalized within 100 days, namely Terminal-2 of the airport, the railway link-up venture with Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the water desalination venture in Umm Al-Haiman and the maternity hospital project.

 Minister Al-Mashaan said she gave instructions to start the work immediately and coordinate with the diverse divisions, noting in particular renovating and maintaining the roads via 12 contract tenders. She also demanded that all relevant procedures must be implemented according to governance and digital systems for sake of greater transparency and integrity and better services. Moreover, she advised the leaders to adhere to the contracts’ terms, timetables and tackle obstacles hindering the ventures’ execution.








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