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Kuwait, Russia sign accords for legal cooperation

The State of Kuwait, represented by the Ministry of Justice, signed with Russia on Friday two agreements for judicial and legal cooperation. The accords were signed by the Kuwaiti Minister of Justice, Al-Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Dr. Mohammad Al-Wasmi and his Russian counterpart, Konstantin Chuychenko, during the 12th International Legal Forum, hosted by the Russian city of Saint Petersburgh. The Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice said in a statement that signing the accords underlined the good relations tying the two friendly countries, indicating that they aim at establishing effective cooperation in combating crime. One of the two accords includes procedural terms for criminals’ extradition and prosecution regulations according to international norms. The ministry statement added that the other agreement stipulates that convicts are given the right to spend their time behind bars in their home country. Saint Petersburgh Forum, founded in 2011, is one of the major platforms for global cultural, legal and political dialogue. The current forum session, due to conclude today, kicked off on Wednesday. (end) dan.rk