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Minister inaugurates physiotherapy, rehabilitation building in Al-Adan

The Minister of Health Dr. Ahmad Al-Awadhi confirmed on Tuesday that the new building for physiotherapy and rehabilitation at the Al-Adan Hospital is a qualitative leap in the health services provided in accordance with the latest international protocols. This came in a statement made by Minister Al-Awadhi to the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) after the inauguration of the building, which comes within the Ministry’s plan to open nine major projects at Al-Adan Hospital.

Al-Awadhi explained that the new building consists of five floors, including three departments for men, women, and children, adding that each department includes a physiotherapy and rehabilitation center and a hydrotherapy center, in addition to specialized clinics, both for occupational therapy and for people with special needs. There will be 123 therapists, training halls, and research halls. The building is part of the nine new buildings of Adan Hospital, including surgery, maternity, and a children’s center, a building with more than 28 operating rooms and three parking lots.


These buildings will be opened successively in the next few weeks. The ministry is working within a clear work plan with performance indicators and precise dates, as many buildings have been rescheduled to open during the 100-day plan according to the instructions and decisions of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Al-Abdullah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah. For his part, Assistant Undersecretary for Engineering and Projects Affairs at the Ministry, Ibrahim Al-Naham, said in a similar statement that the new building is the largest physiotherapy center, as it is located on an area of 6,000 square meters and consists of a basement, ground, and three floors designed with the latest standards.

The official spokesman of the Ministry, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, said that the new Al-Adan Hospital project is being carried out under the supervision and implementation of the Ministry, specifically the engineering affairs and projects sector. Al-Sanad pointed out that the project includes nine buildings, namely the maternity building, which contains 637 beds, 21 operating rooms, 16 facilities, technical departments, a building for general and specialized surgery, a building for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, a building for the administration, and parking lots.

For his part, the head of the physiotherapy department at Al-Adan Hospital, Dr Ali Al-Muhanna, said that the opening of this building is a big step towards improving the quality of health care provided in Kuwait, as it contributes significantly to raising the level of health services and providing the necessary support to patients. Al-Muhanna explained that the building provides occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other services in order to facilitate the patient’s ability to obtain various rehabilitation services that he needs in one place.







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