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Ministry, Bait Al-Othman Heritage Museum sign cooperation protocol

The Kuwait Ministry of Information on Sunday signed a cooperation protocol with the Bait Al-Othman Museum to promote Kuwaiti heritage and nationalism. On the cooperation protocol, the Undersecretary of the Information Ministry, Dr Nasser Mhaisen, elaborated that this protocol seeks to create and apply strategies of cultural and intellectual partnerships between institutions and museums.

Through the cooperation protocol, Kuwaiti cultural events and exhibitions would be broadcast on both television and radio for everyone to experience, added Dr Mhaisen. Dr Mhaisen praised Bait Al-Othman Museum’s role in setting a cultural and historical example in Kuwait for local and visiting enthusiasts. Meanwhile, Abdullah Al-Othman Heritage Center Director Anwar Al-Refai told KUNA that the cooperation agreement is a commemorative effort to highlight Kuwait’s forefathers and honor their legacy, paving the way for Kuwait to flourish.


Al-Refai also praised the Minister of Information, Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi, for his determination to cooperate with both the private and volunteer sectors to emphasize the importance of displaying Kuwaiti history and heritage. According to the cooperation protocol, the museum’s displays will be well prepared for filming. Furthermore, the cooperation between Bait Al-Othman Museum and the Ministry of Information will result in holding events and festivities related to the national holidays of Kuwait as well as promoting cultural tourism in the country.








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