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Cold Formed

Purlins Purlins are used for two types of building systems: overlapped and sleeved connections. The purlin overlap system is mainly used for long spans in large buildings, as it gives […]


Continued research and development, together with extensive investment into modern technology, has now enabled man to develop severe weather enduring types of cladding. At Galva Coat Industries, our cladding comes […]


Architectural Metal Works Galva Coat provides design, engineering, and installation of virtually all types of metal work related to the architectural industry; covering decorative poles, signs, hotels, public and cultural […]

Structural Steel

According to information published by the American Institute of Steel Construction, structural steel comprises 47% of all construction materials, making it highly likely that any building, bridge, or structure you […]

Pre-Engineered Buildings

Our Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEBs) are designed by a specialized PEB designer or manufacturer, with a single design to be fabricated using various materials and methods, that satisfy a wide-range of […]

Hot Dip Galvanizing

GALVANIZING The main steps of the galvanizing process are 1- Cleaning Cycle (degreasing, rinsing, picking, rinsing) We have been fabricating quality high mast with raising and lowering gear system , […]

Guard Rails/ Crash Barriers

Steel Guard Rails aim at considerably reducing the risk caused by road accidents. Steel Guard Rails are used to prevent the vehicles from going out of the road with the […]


Galva Coat Industries is a leading Street Lighting Poles Manufacturer in the UAE. Our sleekly designed poles (Street Lighting Poles, Solar Poles, Flag Poles, Traffic Poles, Monopoles, Hinged Poles, High […]


Natural Mineral Water Rawdatain 19 LTR – 5 Gallon 0.950 د.ك Terms and Conditions -The free percentage is calculated without fractures and always completed to the lower whole number. -Money […]


Alkaline Drinking Water Watani 275 ml The Pack Contain 20 Bottles Current offer is: 25% extra boxes for free! 0.800 د.ك Terms and Conditions -The free percentage is calculated without […]

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