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Architectural Metal Works

Galva Coat provides design, engineering, and installation of virtually all types of metal work related to the architectural industry; covering decorative poles, signs, hotels, public and cultural art metal works, retail and transport.

Cable Tray Systems

Galva Coat is proud to offer high quality Cable Tray Systems that are a cost effective and reliable solution to cable installation work. In addition to the standard dimensions listed in the catalog, Galva Coat can provide any other special dimension or design upon request.

Cable trays are standardly produced with perforation and return flange type. This design results in a perforated area for cables and an increased load capacity, while maintaining low weight of structure, and further couple high quality with low cost.

All products are tested and the quality of our materials comply with British and International Standards.

In addition, Galva Coat provides:

  • Cable Management System
  • Cable Tray & Accessories
  • Cable Ladder & Accessories
  • Cable Truck & Accessories
  • C-Channel Fittings


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