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Use strong passwords, never share them with anyone: NBK

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) always seeks to promote financial awareness and inclusion among all sectors of society. In this context, the bank continues to intensify its engagement in the “Let’s Be Aware” campaign launched by the Central Bank of Kuwait, in collaboration with Kuwait Banking Association (KBA). With the increasing fraud attempts using various schemes, NBK strives to protect customers’ rights and following all CBK instructions in this regard. It also publishes educational material to familiarize customers with their rights and the mechanism of filing complaints on all its social media platforms and other digital channels, as well as awareness tips and precautions to avoid falling victim to fraud attempts.

NBK calls on customers to follow the latest publications and awareness messages provided by the bank through its various channels, to stay informed about the latest scams and how to avoid them, as scammers always use devious and changing schemes to steal customer information. Among the key tips provided, the bank advised customers to use strong passwords to protect different personal accounts online, create different passwords and not to use the same password for all accounts, highlighting that each account should have a unique password as when computer or smartphone is hacked, using the same password may expose all online accounts to hacking as well.

NBK also urged customers to use long passwords that contain at least 8 characters with a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols, as the longer the password, the more difficult it is to hack. It also warned against using personal information in passwords, such as birth date, family names, and simple number sequences, to ensure protecting the security of your important information.

It is worth mentioning that NBK makes consistent efforts to educate customers, considering this as a crucial part of its strategy. To this end, it always uses all communication channels to advise them to keep their passwords/PINs, OTPs and financial/personal account information strictly confidential, and not to share them with anyone impersonating a bank employee.

NBK is a key supporter and partner in all CBK’s campaigns and initiatives to increase financial and banking awareness among different sectors of society. As a leading financial institution in Kuwait, it frequently organizes various activities to raise awareness on all topics related to the banking sector, as well as various training courses in the areas of combating fraud and financial crime. As a leading financial institution in Kuwait and across the region, NBK firmly observes its responsibilities towards the communities it serves. Accordingly, it always takes the initiative to provide all necessary support to important and strategic campaigns which serve the interests of the national economy and society, like the “Let’s Be Aware” campaign.