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Young researchers honored with Jaber Al-Ahmad award

Kuwait Foundation for Advancements in Sciences (KFAS) announced Tuesday the winners of the Jaber Al-Ahmad Prize for Young Researchers in its 34th edition. The award, a sum of KD 10,000 (approx. $33,000), is granted annually to Kuwaiti PhD holders. KFAS released a statement detailing the names of the winners and their respective fields, starting with Dr. Zaid Al-Marzouq, a cardiologist and clinical researcher at Mas General Brigham and Harvard University’s medical school.

Dr. Al-Marzouq’s research focuses on causal inference methods in treating cardiovascular diseases, with a special interest in modern cardiac devices. The statement also mentioned that Dr. Al-Marzouq has been awarded many prizes, including the Richard Gorlin Award. The award for biological sciences was given out to Dr. Fatima Al-Rashed, a scientist specializing in immunology and microbiology at the Dasman Institute for Diabetes, for her renowned research and contributions to the field.

Dr. Al-Rashed, a pioneer in her field, attained her doctorate from Nottingham University and was awarded many prestigious awards, including UNESCO’s L’Oreal Award for women in science. Dr. Amar Bahman, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Kuwait University, was granted the award in the field of engineering sciences. Dr. Bahman’s expertise lies in air conditioning systems suitable for high-temperature climates.

Bahman, whose research interests also include techno-economic analysis, exploration of substitute cooling methods, and heat transfer, got his degree from American Purdue University. As for the fields of social sciences and humanities, both Dr. Amal Al-Saleh of the educational planning and management department at KU and Dr. Fahad Al-Zumae, Associate Professor of Law, were granted the award for their expertise and valuable research.

KFAS wished all recipients further success in future research endeavors, stating that this reflects the exceptional role of Kuwaiti researchers and their contributions to knowledge in their various fields. The award was established back in 1988 as an initiative by His Highness the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to encourage and honor PhD holders.